1. workout, 10.17.2014

    Errrrm. Well. The thrusters destroyed me yesterday. But it put me in such a good mood (and today has been a good, even if long, day), I really couldn’t justify not going, especially since I’d reached a good stopping point at work.

    A: Push press

    • 6-6-6-6-6-6 // 105# — The focus was to work on cycling through the motion and blowing through those 6 reps with speed. I did the first two sets of 6 at 115#, but that was way fucking harder than I anticipated. I realized I was basically push jerking, which is not the point. So, went down to 95#, and then 105# for the last three sets. Hard, but good.

    B: For time

    • 1000m row
    • 50 KB swings (55#)
    • 500m row
    • 50 slam balls (50#)

    14:42 — Rx was with the 70# KB, but nah. That wasn’t happening. I was legitimately sore and tight enough everywhere to be concerned that I might do something crazy and throw my back out or lose my grip on the KB. Still, this was good. The GHDs destroyed my core last night, so breathing was even more of a chore than it usually is, even while rowing. And the slam balls sucked. Because. Slam balls. Oh well.

    Got a beer at Community Tap with Blair, Paul, jukeboxdiver, and Towers, and then back to the office to have an office beer, work out the layout on a page, and to eat the other half of my Pub sub.


  2. workout, 10.16.2014

    First workout in over a week, I think. Been rough. Was on my feet all weekend at Fall for Greenville, been working 12-hour days since Monday. Today is no different, although I finally mustered the wherewithal to get out and go to the gym. The tipping point might have been the realization that I ate an entire tub of pimiento cheese by myself today.

    A: Front squat, heavy 5RM

    245# — Well this was hard. But okay. I was coming up on my toes and my form wasn’t great on the last 2 reps, but the bar went up and my back didn’t explode and that’s always great.

    B: AMRAP

    • 3 minutes, max thrusters (115#)
    • 3 minutes, max burpees over bar

    60 Rx — Broken into 28 thrusters, 32 burpees. Not the most fun. Thrusters were more difficult than I anticipated—I figured I could get another 3-4 reps—but I managed to keep a steady pace through the burpees (and made SURE to fully extend my hips at the top/stand all the way up).

    C: GHD sit ups

    • 25-15

    Weighted sit ups were programmed (25-25), but nah. So, 25 unweighted GHD sit ups, then 15 with a 12# medicine ball (arms extended, full range of motion with the ball touching the ground behind me and the footrest in front).


  3. workout, 10.8.2014

    A: Touch and go push jerks

    • 8-8-8-8 // 125# — These were pretty hard. Partially because of the weight, partially because of the need to string them together, partially because I kept forgetting to dip back under the bar (although when I did remember, the lift got markedly easier). 

    B: 12 minutes, AMRAP

    • 300m row
    • 10 burpees

    5 + 90m — I did not anticipate 300m being this hard, every time. But I suppose it’s like most things, where if you slack off, you lose proficiency. I haven’t been rowing at all the past 2 weeks or so, and I suppose that showed. Would have been nice to finish out the rowing portion of the 6th round, but all things considered (such as my rips from yesterday), this was pretty acceptable.

    Afterwards, did the fundamentals workout, just ‘cause.


    • KB deadlift (54#)
    • DB press (25#)
    • Sit ups

    7:10 — I really should have used heavier weights, as I was pretty much flying through these. Not that I’m upset about it. But I would have gotten a little more work in had I used the 2p (72#) KB and say…35# DBs.


  4. workout, 10.7.2014

    Need to stop showing up late to classes. It’s not a great habit.

    Only got the WOD/metcon portion in today (strength portion was building to a heavy set of 5 TnG power snatch).

    B: 21-15-9, for time

    • Power snatches (75#)
    • Toes to bar

    12:21 — A bit disgusted with myself. Not a great workout to cap off not a great day. Wish I had a better time, especially since I was snatching 20# under Rx. Wish I had tried stringing more t2b together. Wish I hadn’t ripped my hands.

    Just. Generally not a happy day today. 


  5. workout, 10.6.2014

    A: Paused front squats

    • 3-3-3-3 // 185# — Front squats, plus sitting in the bottom of the squat for 3-4 seconds. At about 65% of my 1RM. It was fine, I guess. The very last rep was hard, but overall, not that bad.

    B: 4 rounds of:

    • Single arm DB press, 8 reps per arm @ 35#
    • 20 seconds rest
    • Bulgarian split squat, 8 reps per leg @ 35# DB in each hand 

    These were terrible. I actually did my first set of Bulgarian split squats with 45# DBs in each hand, but that got old REAL quick. The single arm presses went up and down pretty easily. That makes me feel good. I don’t remember 35# ever being that easy, especially without push pressing it. 


    • 1 mile run // 8:01
    • 10 minutes // 5 strict pull ups, EMOM

  6. workout, 10.2.2014

    We had a work meeting that ran into my regularly scheduled Crossfit class at 6pm, but it was good. We started ironing out some of the specifics of TOWN's new website, and that is incredibly exciting.

    However, I did miss the strength component of today’s work. No clean and jerks. Which I’m okay with, because my collarbone is still pretty tender and angry. So instead, I just did the WOD. Kind of jumped in, minimal warming up. Probably not the best decision, but it happened.

    B: For time

    • 2 laps around CFR
    • 20 pull ups
    • 2 laps
    • 20 wall balls (30#)
    • 2 laps

    7:24 Rx — Really happy with this. Awesome time, as far as I’m concerned. And the wall balls weren’t even that bad, even with the 30# slam ball. Finally got them into a rhythm, I guess. Afterwards, Brandon joked and said I should do another 20 burpees since I missed the C&Js. So. I did. And for a total time, 9:25, including a brief breather after the originally programmed workout.

    And then, afterwards, I hung out and played with my camera in the gym and then undid all that work with PIE NIGHT 2014 at Katie’s house. 

    There’s still a whole apple pie left. In my kitchen. Urghhhhhh.


  7. workout, 10.1.2014

    I said hello to October with dark chocolate, a whole Publix sub (it was on sale, okay?), and a bruised collarbone.

    A: Push press

    • 3-3-3-3-3 // 135# — I went up to 145# for the second set, but decided I was compromising my form way too much so I went down some. Things got a little dicey receiving the bar on the way down. My collarbone is just super hella tender and angry right now.

    B: 15-12-9, for time:

    • Thrusters (115#)
    • Toes-to-bar

    9:13 Rx — Thrusters weren’t bad. It was the t-2-b that got me. I’m basically having a really hard time stringing them together consistently. On the set of 15, I hit 5 in a row just fine, and then had to do them in 1s and 2s. Same story for the set of 12: hit a set of 5 and promptly lost the ability to kip/string them together. Urgh.


  8. workout, 9.30.2014

    How is it already the end of September?

    I’ve fallen off the wagon recently. I think the whole not-getting-my-goal-weight for back squats was messing with my brain. Just generally discouraged by not making any measurable progress this cycle. But. It doesn’t stop. And I got a front squat PR. In any case, today was the day to try and get back on track.

    A: 15 minutes, build to 5 heavy touch-n-go power cleans

    • 165# — Originally was anticipating 155# as my max. The whole mechanics and rhythm of doing five touch-n-go Oly lifts is just hard. It’s exhausting. Not to mention that the later in the set I get, the more likely I’m slowing down and the bar consequently just bangs into my right collarbone. I’ve got a pretty nasty, red welt/lump right now. But 165# was good. Not unmanageable by any means.

    B: 3 rounds for time:

    • 10 power cleans (135#)
    • 30 singles + 10 DU attempts
    • 10 lateral burpees over the bar

    9:12 — Rx was 155# // 30 DUs // 10 lateral burpees. So I got one thing right. Just exhausting all over. Not the happiest with my time, and I just keep getting reminded of how badly I just need to bite the bullet and start doing and learning double-unders. They just suck so bad.

    C: Mile run

    8:37 — Took a left out of CFR, aka, the long uphill route. I haven’t been running a lot, and it’s quite obvious to me I’m out of running shape. Side stitch the entire way (not awful, thank God), and just ran out of gas coming up to the intersection of Broad and Spring streets. Ugh.


  9. workout, 9.26.2014

    Sort of back to a semi-regular workout?

    A: Strict press, heavy set of 3

    • 110# // Five sets, building, but I hit 110# on the fourth set and then went back down to 95#. Pretty okay, I guess. We’re in the testing phase before we start a push/pull cycle at CFR. Going to be working on a lot of overhead positioning and comfort with having bars over my head.

    B: Wall balls, max reps, unbroken

    • 35 Rx — Ok, so I guess I misinterpreted the instructions a little. I thought as long as you didn’t drop the wall ball, it counted. So I just caught it, and caught my breath a few times. Only really actually got about 35 reps unbroken, but I ended up doing 75 reps in 4:24.

    C: Mile run

  10. 9.25.2014 // Front squat PR, 1 rep at 280#.


  11. workout, 9.25.2014

    Still on those squats. Originally planned to try both back and front squats, but nah. That was a terrible idea. Ended up focusing on front squats only after I’d warmed up to about 245#.

    Ended up PRing by 10# at 280#.

    Originally had tried to get 285#, but failed twice on that. And failed once twice more at 280# before getting it.

    And then I tried again to hit 285#, but…nah. Just wasn’t there.

    Thank God for the belt and people being willing to let me borrow their knee sleeves. I just need to get some for myself now.


  12. workout, 9.23.2014

    Not really a workout today. Shipped October, had some free time (Blair and Paul went out to get their outfits for FOTT), and decided I should try and PR my back squat. I’d wanted to do that last night, but the magazine took priority.

    My goal is 330#. That’s roughly 2x my bodyweight—I’m typically 165-167#, depending on if I’ve pooped or eaten too well or drunk too much water or whatever. Still. Squatting double your bodyweight is a pretty rad thing to be able to do. And I already hit the last milestone: 315# (six 45# plates).

    I got up to 295# today. That was the last single I did before failure. Tried and bailed on 315# maybe 4 times. It did not feel great. 

    So. I’m going to rest and go back later this week and try again.


    At least there’s Fashion on the TOWN tonight. I’m always up for a free party.


  13. workout, 9.18.2014

    Production week. Had to go to the gym to get moving. Been sitting in my chair almost all day. Show up at CFR, and turns out only 1 person has actually been into the gym since noon. Go figure. I guess it’s just one of those days.

    A: Front squat

    • 5-4-3-2-1-5 // 260# — Erm. Yes. 260# is definitely hard. But I think it’s absolutely reasonable to get 280# or more when we retest for 1RM. It’s just one rep, and I won’t necessarily be doing as many reps beforehand so I can be a little fresher. Weight scheme was: 205-215-230-245-260-205#. 

    B: 10 minutes, EMOM

    • Even: 10 ring dips
    • Odd: 5 shuttle runs

    Whoops this was hard. Wasn’t expecting the ring dips to get me like they did. Or for the shuttle runs to wind me as much. But yay! At least it’s over!


  14. workout, 9.16.2014

    Last week of the squat cycle. Next week, we’re testing for 1RM. I think I’ll wait until later in the week, to give my body some time to recover and not feel sore. Although I guess it’ll be a good idea to do some volume at lower weight so as not to loose the groove I’m in now.

    A: Back squat

    • 6-6-4-3-2-6 // 285# — 1RM percentage/weight scheme: 75-80-85-90-95-75%, which equates to 225-240-255-270-285-225#. Getting hard, but not so hard tonight. I am feeling pretty confident I can duplicate my 315# effort from the late spring, and potentially hit 325# or 330# for a new 1RM. I think 330# would be really cool. That’s 2x my body weight, assuming I’m at a steady 165#. I haven’t weighed myself in a while.

    B: 10 minutes, EMOM

    • Even: 10 push ups
    • Odd: 5 pull ups, no kipping

    Nothing fancy here. Just doing the work.

    Afterwards, I changed out of my gym clothes and went to an artist’s studio drop-in (gorgeous space—SOOO jealous) and then Breakwater. One of our contributors at TOWN was doing a guest bartending stint for charity. Cocktails for a Cause. The boss picked up the bill.



  15. workout, 9.15.2014

    A: Heavy squat clean

    • 205# — Really wanted 215# for a PR for my birthday-ish. Tried twice, bailed twice. I’m stalling (well, not really) on the second pull—the bar doesn’t accelerate, it just kind of keeps sort of going up and that’s just not good enough when it gets that heavy. I need to work out explosive pulls out of the hang position. Hopefully that will help. But I am happy with 205#, because I don’t think I’ve tried for a heavy rep since maybe April.

    B: For time

    • 200 single unders
    • 50 wall balls (30# slam ball)
    • 200 single unders
    • 50 walking lunges, with 30# slam ball overhead

    11:48 — Originally, the WOD had 100 DUs instead of singles. But good God. I would have taken over half an hour to do 100 DU attempts. Anyways. A good one. Using a 30# slam ball was hella hard, but I think I may start doing that to practice. Would definitely make a 20# med ball feel light as hell.


    Worked on some hang power cleans to get that acceleration down. I don’t know if it helped at all, but I guess I was able to focus more on exploding and pulling high. Stayed at 135#, did a rep or two at 155#.

    And then, a tabata row—8 rounds of:

    • 20 sec row
    • 10 sec rest

    880+ m — Got somewhere in the 880m range, but I don’t remember. It sucked a bunch though.