1. wacavenue:

    Everyday Extraordinary: Signage 

  2. Shovels & Rope at Fall for Greenville. 

    Glad I made it out to this show last weekend.

    Really, truly able to see the difference in camera bodies here. Would never have dreamed of getting anything like this with my old D3000. And while the D600 is about $1000 more expensive, being able to shoot ISO2000 without too much noise…it’s awesome. So much more flexible. 

    The 50mm f/1.8D isn’t the best lens for something like this, but it was plenty quick enough to get a few lucky snaps.


    E Washington St // Greenville, SC // 10.11.2014

  3. wacavenue:

    Well worn, worn well

    Kiltie boots!!!!

  4. byhookandbycrook:

    Fjallraven No. 21 medium rucksack.

    Hi. This is my new backpack/rucksack and it is amazing and there is even a cute lil arctic fox on the logo thing.

    But for real. Great hardware, nice, thick, soft leather straps/piping. Only complaint is that it’s ideal shape only happens when you stuff it full of shit.

  5. Stagbriar at Fall for Greenville.

    "Sibling-led space folk" is how frontman Alex McCollum describes their sound. Which, honestly, sounds a lot more appealing than your standard fare of Americana and folk.

    Plus, they had such an extravagant, self-indulgent album title—Quasi-Hymns, Murder-Ballads, and Tales of How the Hero Died—you can’t help but like them.

    Funny aside: I used to play with Alex back in high school. The DMB, RHCP, and Coldplay covers…augh. We were awful. I mean. Good. But awful. In that way high school kids are when they think they’re the shit.

    Great to catch up with McCollum and Co. over Fall for Greenville and hear their set. 


    E McBee St // Greenville, SC // 10.11.2014

  6. It is always remarkable to me how quiet side streets in Greenville are, when just a block away on Main Street, I can barely move through a crowd without pushing over small children or stepping on someone’s toes (literally).


    Richardson St Garage // Greenville, SC // 10.10.2014


  7. mid-october life update

    It’s been sort of a shit week.

    A 70-hour kind of work week (dropped by the office today, will probably go back out tomorrow).

    Production week. Press week. Deadlines.

    Compounding the last several weeks, which have not really afforded me any alone time to recharge and be:

    • Two weekends ago, I stayed up at the Windsor Boutique Hotel in AVL. I brought my mom, which was an awesome move just because she’s never been able to see AVL outside of a day trip or two. Not to mention the Windsor is such an incredible property. Again, not like I could afford it normally on my salary, but God—what a cool place.
    • Then, a busy week a work. The run-up to press week. Seemed like there was a lot more writing on my plate this issue: On the TOWN social pages, the Windsor feature, a piece on Clemson head football coach Dabo Swinney (for our Charitable Giving Awards feature), Second Glance art spotlight. Plus editing for another good chunk of the magazine. I guess that doesn’t sound like too much, but the reality is the final product (let’s say, the neighborhood of 2000-2500 words total) is representative of only about 1/5 of what’s written.
    • This past weekend was Fall for Greenville. I spent far too much time downtown in the masses—shooting for bh&bc, for TOWN (exciting development on that front), seeing people, mingling, etc. And I suppose it was a taste of how larger cities are on a daily basis—the cities with large tourist populations. Large, slowly shuffling herds of people who marvel at every damn thing they see. Who leave children unattended. General shit show on top of country-bumpkin bullshit.

    And then, production week.

    I guess, all this to say that there’s a big photo dump of the past few weeks incoming.

  8. wacavenue scoping shit out at Fall for Greenville.


    Broad St @ Main St // Greenville, SC // 10.10.2014

  9. m-a-n-d-o-l-i-n:


    Curried Roasted Eggplant with Smoked Cardamom and Coconut Milk

    Really nice recipes. Every hour.

    in case you still haven’t figured out a way to cook good eggplant, may I make a suggestion?

    Thanks! Truly think part of the key is getting some non-globe eggplant. That shit is so irritating to cook.


  10. Take ur girl to some artsy shit then fuck her out of the dress when yall get home

    What’s better than getting dressed up just to get undressed trick question NOTHING.

    (Source: adampacmanjones, via m-a-n-d-o-l-i-n)

  11. Working for the weekend. #communityjournals #latergram #yeahthatgreenville @villagewgvl


  12. workout, 10.17.2014

    Errrrm. Well. The thrusters destroyed me yesterday. But it put me in such a good mood (and today has been a good, even if long, day), I really couldn’t justify not going, especially since I’d reached a good stopping point at work.

    A: Push press

    • 6-6-6-6-6-6 // 105# — The focus was to work on cycling through the motion and blowing through those 6 reps with speed. I did the first two sets of 6 at 115#, but that was way fucking harder than I anticipated. I realized I was basically push jerking, which is not the point. So, went down to 95#, and then 105# for the last three sets. Hard, but good.

    B: For time

    • 1000m row
    • 50 KB swings (55#)
    • 500m row
    • 50 slam balls (50#)

    14:42 — Rx was with the 70# KB, but nah. That wasn’t happening. I was legitimately sore and tight enough everywhere to be concerned that I might do something crazy and throw my back out or lose my grip on the KB. Still, this was good. The GHDs destroyed my core last night, so breathing was even more of a chore than it usually is, even while rowing. And the slam balls sucked. Because. Slam balls. Oh well.

    Got a beer at Community Tap with Blair, Paul, jukeboxdiver, and Towers, and then back to the office to have an office beer, work out the layout on a page, and to eat the other half of my Pub sub.


  13. Anonymous said: You seem like a very self disciplined person, and I look up to you for that. I've been trying to change and discipline myself but I keep going in this cycle of failing, trying again, failing, and trying again. Do you have an advice on self discipline in general?

    Thanks for the words. It’s funny because I don’t consider myself a particularly self-disciplined person. Whatever shows up on the internet might make it seem that way, but there’s certainly some filtering and selective self-promotion.

    It’s really hard to give advice without knowing any specifics. I suppose there are a few things, though.

    1. Have a goal. It can be little, big, whatever. But being self-disciplined without working towards something can make the self-discipline part seem really pointless and frustrating.
    2. Put yourself in a position to succeed. Make whatever habits you’re engaging in sustainable. Say, for example, that you want run a 6-minute mile. Great. Awesome. But if you’re going from a sedentary lifestyle, gauging your level of success by that standard is going to be pretty shitty. Chances are, you’re going to feel like you’re not making enough progress and stop training. Instead, consider incremental, sustainable improvement. Just put on some running shoes and take a jog around the block for starters. Or walk around the block. Whatever your comfort level is at the time.
    3. Have a plan. Make a list. Take whatever major goal/task you have and break it down into as many steps as possible. On bad days, my to-do list includes stuff like “put on pants” or “brush your teeth”—even if the ultimate goal is to do something completely unrelated like write a feature story. Again, this has to do with helping yourself feel like you’re making progress, like you’re getting shit done.
    4. Self-discipline is more about a lifestyle change—you gotta be consistent over a long period of time. Maybe you’re changing your diet but one day you’re having a shitty morning and you buy yourself a massive cinnamon roll. COOL. TREAT YOURSELF. YOU’RE HAVING A SHITTY DAY. But the next day, get back on your diet. Don’t let that cinnamon roll turn into a bed of Cheeto dust and Mountain Dew. Be forgiving. You’re gonna fuck up along the way. That’s cool. Just don’t let a single slip up stop you.
    5. Surround yourself with an environment—food, people, entertainment sources—that encourages you to succeed. A supportive environment is super helpful. 
    6. Challenge yourselfA lot if knowing your limits, and expecting a little more. Don’t expect the world from yourself, right off the bat. But also, expect more than just what’s within arm’s reach. Expect like, I dunno, at least the front yard. Does that make sense? Don’t cheat yourself by giving yourself an easy out all the time. Self-discipline is about growth, so you’ve got to give yourself room to do so.
    7. Watch Friday Night Lights and totally listen to what Coach Taylor has to say. Or, just get the quick and dirty lowdown from this Buzzfeed article.

    I know that’s all very general, but hopefully there’s something useful to glean from there. I guess self-discipline isn’t just making a single choice, it’s about making lots of choices that are interrelated with whatever goal you’re trying to achieve. 

    Lemme know if there’s something more specific I can address.

  14. byhookandbycrook:

    Time for a getaway.

    Ready for NYC next week. Time to get this magazine out of the way.